Privacy Policy

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User states that she/he has been notified and understands the provisions of the Privacy Policy by clicking the Register button or stating something similar that is available on the registration page of the Larica Site, which states that each User provides true and valid personal data.

The existence of this Privacy Policy is a real commitment from Larica to respect and protect any personal data or information of users of the Larica site.

    Table of Contents :

  1. A. Acquisition and Collection of User Personal Data
  2. B. Use of Personal Data
  3. C. Cookies
  4. D. Security
  5. E. Verification
  6. F. Children's Privacy
  7. G. Complaints related to Protection of User Personal Data
  8. H. Got any question or problem? Contact Us
  9. I. Privacy Policy Updates

A. Acquisition and Collection of User Personal Data

By Signing Up / Registering account means User submitted User’s Personal Data independently. Some of the Personal Data we collect are :

  1.  - Email Address

  2.  - Full Name

  3.  - Password

  4.  - Birthdate

  5.  - Phone Number

  6.  - Photo

  7.  - Other information that can identify User

Using Larica's services such as some features that require access permission to the relevant data.

Payment information data. We collected your bank account, virtual account, and payment information when you make a payment.


B. Use of Personal Data

Larica use User's Personal Data for :

  1.  - Communicate with you about product, announcement, marketing and advertising.

  2.  - Process or support fulfillment User's orders.

  3.  - Provide support, including addressing questions and problems users, merchants or pickup locations may have with the Services, or resolving disputes.

C. Cookies

  1. You can refuse accept using cookies and use the unoptimal facilities. However, please note that by refusing to use cookies will make Larica's site not optimal on functional services.

  2. By agree accept cookie, your history data will be collected to your computer devices and it will link cookie information about what items you have purchased and what web pages you have viewed, and it will give your interests.

D. Security

  1. We, Larica, ensure your security and integrity of our platform. But if User access their account via a third-party site or service such as facebook, User may have additional or different login protections via the third-party site or service. We, Larica, advice you to avoid using personal information for your password. Use numbers, symbols, capital as well as lower-case letters in random order. Don't use sequential letters and numbers.

E. Verification

  1. We need your verification by means accepting us to process your register account request to letting us get your information and access to your personal data that you provide us.

F. Children's Privacy

  1. If you are under 13 years old don't attempt to register or giving your personal data to us. You might need your parent's or guardian's permission to use our platform. If you believe Larica may have Personal Data from a child under 13 please kindly let us know by contacting us.

G. Complaints related to Protection of User Personal Data

  1. If User believe that their privacy has been violated, or has any concerns about how Larica handling or treating User's Personal Data, User can contact Larica through contact .

H. Got any question or problem? Contact Us

If you have questions, complaints and problems, you can contact Larica from contact .

I. Privacy Policy Updates

Users are advised to read carefully and check this Privacy Policy page from time to time for any changes. Larica may make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy at any time. By continuing to access and use the Site services and other Larica services, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Privacy Policy.